Friday, December 01, 2006

August and September were back to back "best month ever"'s but then Party went under for US players some time around Oct 12/13 or so. Poker has been very hit-or-miss for me since then. The two weeks before they cut off all us US players was a break-even grind.

Then afterwards I decided that not only would I play different sites, I'd play different games! Limit hold'em, MTTs of all varieties, SnGs, limit O8, PLO8, PLO, as long as it wasn't NLHE it was all fair game. I even played some small stakes online mix games.

Playing new games along with playing very intermittently left me with the least-busy month of the year (outside my extended break in April/May) but also a break-even month (technically very slightly losing). I found out things I already knew, or at least should have known:

*I no longer have the right mindset to be a successful LHE player, at least at the online stakes of 30/60 or higher. Even 20/40 might be iffy at this point.

* I don't have the patience or experience to legitimately contend in most MTTs. Specifically, bubble play and final table play kill me.

* I am a break-even SnG player, at least at the level that would potentially make me any sort of decent money, that is the 109s or higher.

* I hate, hate, hate limit O8, and hate PLO8.

* PLO, on the other hand, intrigues me.

* Mix games are a fun diversion, but it would take me a very, very long time before I can play them at a level higher than, say, 3/6ish online or 10/20ish live. And I'm not sure I'd want to anyways--the attraction of "big bet" poker is simply too much.

So towards the end of October I started focusing more on PLO. Then into November I played mostly PLO, with one last desperate attempt at limit thrown in. I was on vacation from Nov 15-25 and played nothing, but came right back to...PLO. And despite my brief foray into 100/200 PLO, I've been staying primarily at the online 2/4 level, with some 3/6 and a very occasional 5/10 thrown in.

People have always told me that PLO plays bigger than NLHE and now I see that's definitely true. 2/4 PLO feels very much like 3/6 NLHE, which is to say it's possibly to do very well at seemingly small stakes.

At the very end of November I returned to NL, trying 3/6 at the various sites. I've gotten slightly rusty and it shows--missing value bets, folding to bluffs, calling when beat. But I've run decently and have pulled a small net win out of my NL play.

But still November ended as another slightly losing month--I think the first time I've ever had two losing months in a row (although, given the stakes I play, they're essentially break-even). I did pretty well at PLO, did ok at NL...but my 30/60 LHE play absolutely killed me.

And I lost this month despite taking a shot at 25/50 NL at the Bellagio! Trip report to come by Monday.


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