Sunday, September 24, 2006

So the previous week was my best week ever, making this month, by Sept 15, my best month ever. The sky was the limit.

Then the poker gods sayeth, "ha-HA!"


Thursday wasn't noteworthy, but Friday ended up being my Worst NL Day Ever, almost as bad as my Worst Limit Day Ever (aka, Worst Day Ever). Wow. Mix an unbelieveably bad run with just a little bit of tilt and it's quite amazing what can happen at this game.

Saturday? Off. Sunday? Off.

Any thoughts of moving up the 2kNL games I might have been having are now well on the back burner. Not because of bankroll considerations (Friday wasn't THAT bad) but simply because of psychological considerations. I'm doing well enough overall that there's no reason for me to push myself to soon to limits above what I'm comfortable with.

(on the plus side, Sept is still, for the time being, my best month ever, if only barely.)


Anonymous Peter B said...

In the words of the late great George Harrison, All Things Must Pass.

And they will pass back again.

Has your theory on the lower variance in NL taken a bit of a hit?

I've always felt that the variance was essentially the same in size (for average winnings per hour) but of a different structure.

I'm in Vegas from Wednesday for 10 days, staying at the Flamingo. Let me know if you fancy a meal at Picasso, Tony Roma, or Fatburger....


9:57 AM  
Blogger eric said...

I still think NL has lower variance. Now, I still have less than 150K hands at NL, but so far I have

1) higher win rate

2) fewer downswings

3) smaller downswings

when compared to limit. So that convinces me. However, I have to say, tilt hurts a lot more at NL.

I'm always up for a nice dinner. Shoot me an email.

4:20 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

do you ever play live anymore? I used to enjoy your coverage of live poker! you should try to get out once in a while and play live- even if it's only for a change of pace. Money isn't everything. I know there are advantages to playing in your underwear but why move to vegas if your never going to actually feel the felt. You could be doing this from a hut (with a good internet connetction)on the beach in the carridean. nothing like a quick dip in the saltwater and palm trees to get over tilt.

11:03 AM  
Blogger eric said...

I play live about two or three times a month now. I agree I should probably do it more often, but the EV difference is pretty severe at this point. Which means that any time I actually want to play for profit, it'd be quite silly for me not to play online. So the only time I do play live are when friends are in town and want to go out and play.

And don't think I haven't considered that hut in the Caribbean option.

5:08 PM  

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