Sunday, July 02, 2006

The WSOP is in town and you know what? I don't care. I'm not sure why that is, but it doesn't matter to me at all. I've never been a fan of tournaments, definitely not ones that begin at the crack of noon. And with my recent switch to NL over limit, I don't feel like I have a game that's developed enough for me to be really competitive in any events. I probably could have been competitive when I was at my peak at limit, but that was 6+ months ago, before I got bored then frustrated then stopped playing it altogether. My NL game is still very raw, having only played it regularly for a month and a half now. And so despite my new year's stated goals of playing more tournaments this year, my reaction to that idea now is just "bleh."

On the bright side, despite being a relative newbie to NL, I've done very well. June was my first full month playing only NL and I did much, much better than I could have possibly anticipated. Interestingly, I only won 11 out of the 16 days I played, which is a much lower rate than when I only played NL sparingly. Of course, it's the bottom line that matters, and since my winning days have been for the most part large, and my losing days have been, except for one exception, very small, the bottom line is excellent. But I will have to make sure I don't go on autopilot as much as I did when I was playing limit. NL is a game where one or two mistakes can really kill an otherwise good session.

In other news, the house hunting is going well enough. Every time I feel I'm close to a decision, another house or two pops up that completely sends me back to square one. I actually put an offer in on a house two weeks ago, but it wasn't accepted. Although I was willing to come back with a higher offer, other possible homes have entered the picture, leaving me with a decision to make out of about five places. As usual, every place has its pros and its cons, and life would be perfect if I could pick and choose different parts of each house and put it all together, but alas that's not gonna happen. And if I want to keep my August 1 move date, I'd better make a decision soon. Hopefully within about one week I'll have made my choice, and with a little luck have even gotten the ball rolling on actually buying my chosen home.

So yeah, between online NL and all this house-buying stuff, the WSOP is just in the way. But I should be able to make it out there to play in a few live cash games in the evenings. After all, there probably isn't a more profitable time of year to be a poker player.


Blogger April said...

Due to a computer crash, I've lost your e-mail address. So I'll use comments to tell you that I along with 110+ bloggers will be in town this week, and the Caesar's thing I had asked you about is all taken care of. But thanks for your willingness to help, and see ya soon. :)

9:07 AM  
Blogger fidobuster said...

quick question -- when you mentioned in a previous post that your VPIP is approx. 25 --- is that for full ring game or for 6max NL? if it is for full ring --then my follow up question is approximately what VPIP do you think MIGHT be optimal for 6max NL?


1:33 PM  
Blogger eric said...

6max. NL is a strange beast. Some people can play very loose and do very well. I'm not one of those (as I learned the hard way).

I've heard of some very successful players who can play 35-40% of their hands. When I inched up to 30, I started losing. 25 is good, and quite honestly, I feel that I should probably tighten up a bit in some places.

Of course, there are probably quite a few places I could loosen up in, but I've either just not yet identified those situations or haven't yet acquired the skill required to make such looser play profitable.

It's all about gaining experience and developing one's own game. And I still have a long way to go.

9:27 AM  
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