Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I played like a desperate addict last weekend, logging 21.5 hours online over three days. It was very profitable overall--including my most profitable day at NL yet, as well as my most profitable day so far in 2006--but ultimately my hourly rate was actually somewhat depressed from the previous month and a half or so. That's not suprising, as ultimately hours 5-8 of a session will not be anywhere near as good as hours 1-4 on average simply because one isn't going to be nearly as sharp or focused. I've been very good so far this year at maintaining short sessions, but have gotten away from that lately. Note to self: carpal-tunnel is not worth a few extra bucks and tons of added stress!

On the home-buying front, it looks as though everything is going to go as planned. I close on Thursday, 7/27, at 10am, and then will spend the weekend moving.

The house-buying really came together in a hurry. It was just two months ago that I finally decided to make the leap and buy a home. I spent the first week of June juggling different agents, then the second week of June looking at a jillion houses. I then spent mid-June to mid-July in negotiations over a house, intermittently running off to look at new houses that would pop up on the market. Finally on July 13 we came to a deal. There was a brief scare when my lender bailed, but I found a competent one at the last second, and so voila, here I am on the verge of home ownership.

With luck, the housing market won't crash as much as all the doomsayers have been predicting.


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