Thursday, March 09, 2006

Saturday I leave for a week of skiing/snowboaring at Whistler, near Vancouver. I'll probably do mostly or all snowboarding since I've only been skiing once in my life, when I was 12, and the results weren't pretty (only had to go to the doctor, no emergency room, thankfully). Of course, I haven't been snowboarding in over five years, either, so it should be interesting.

But, being the hopeless degenerate I am, I'll be bringing my laptop and playing poker online! If anything interesting happens on my trip, win a million bucks, break my neck, whatever, I'll post it here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be carefull... I hear they'll let crazy, degenerate, taiwanese gamblers on the slopes at Whistler.

A haiku:

Five Nine Off looks good.
Whistler snow blinds judgement, 'eh?.
Strange Nuts goes all In!

8:50 PM  
Anonymous kytyn said...

wait - we were there at the same time and I didn't know it?!? of course since most of us were in various stages of the flu maybe it's just as well. (did D know and not tell me or tell me and I forgot in a feverish haze?)
Jared (6) had a blast - 5 days in Adventure Camp. 'Nessa and I mostly just hung around the condo and watched tv. (New favorite jingle, from the ads from the guide channel ~~"I love to tan, I love to tan. I like the heat - I love it hot"~~)

3:35 PM  
Blogger eric said...

I think he knew. I didn't see him, either. Apparently he and Mark are the types who wake up at 8am to hit the slopes.

I had trouble getting out there before the lifts closed at 4pm.

12:47 AM  
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