Saturday, February 25, 2006

Random odds 'n' ends today:

*I've been taking a day or two a month and multi-tabling one-table NL SnGs. The hand histories have been going to my yahoo mail account and yahoo is stupid and doesn't allow access via software mail clients unless you pay for their premium service, but I finally got around to getting them off yahoo and into Pokertracker yesterday.

7% ROI over 118 SnGs. Yeah, small sample size. I'm up overall but not a whole lot, and most definitely not anywhere near my hourly expectation in limit cash games. But it's a good change of pace, I guess. And improving one's tournament game can never be considered bad.

The ones I've been playing the most have been the 109s, and I'm actually down at those. 91 tournies and I'm down just about the same amount as fees I've paid. Maybe I'm break-even at that level? At least while 6-tabling. I know, I know--sample size.

I've also done a few 77s, and I'm down slightly there. Thankfully, the few 215s I've done have had very good results, and so I'm up overall.

*Speaking of tournies, I have played a few 55 and 109 MTTs with mixed results. I'm up slightly, but I don't really have any big cashes (well I did final-table a 22 event and get over $900, so proportionally speaking I guess that's a big cash). I was going to try the 215 tonight on Party, but, er, let's just say that I'm a bit skeptical thanks to recent events.

(To very briefly summarize the links, two high-profile online players were recently caught having played multiple accounts from the same computer in the same tournaments, thereby forfeiting a combined $280K. Each said the practice of playing multiple accounts is fairly common.)

No, I don't have multiple accounts, but I also don't want to be putting my money up against a whole bunch of people who do. And anyone who thinks that two high-profile players getting busted will stop other people from doing it is living in a fantasy world. Sure, it'll deter some people, but unless there's a major crackdown where some significant percentage of players who multi-account these tournaments are busted, many guys will just keep trying. After all, both the above players weren't busted until they were stupid enough to open their mouths and get reported to Party by someone else--Party didn't just independently figure out that they were playing six or whatever accounts all on the same computer in the same tournament.

I guess I'll probably have to go back to Stars for my MTT needs since they seem to better have their act together about cheating prevention.

*Yesterday was my best online day ever cash-wise, and second best ever BBs-wise (second only to a magical day on UB's 3/6 tables way back in Aug, 2004). In addition to eeking out a small win at SnGs, I had a crazy run at the 20/40 6m tables. The games were phenomenal last night. I mean they defied description. Guys were check-raising the turn with bottom-pair and calling down when three-bet, calling river bets with K-high, Q-high, calling when playing the board, all despite having faced multiple raises.

I'll be back tonight for another long session, that's for sure.

*And in a related note, I've only played at the Bellagio twice since Jan 15, a span of nearly six weeks. And neither time did I play the 80/160 game. I keep meaning to get out there, but when people are literally giving away money on Party, and Party themselves are giving away money (and iPods), it's kind of hard to get up the motivation to go play a slower, higher-variance game, with less earning potential, and then have to beg for a $15 food comp afterwards. Yes, playing live is more fun, but I'm a greedy mofo.

I will have to get out to the Wynn and try what is apparently now an oft-running 60/120 game, and perhaps even delve into their occasionally-running 150/300 game that I've heard about.


Anonymous Evan said...

I disagree. Having followed the ZJ & JJP thing, I think Party is doing a better job. They are the ones who caught ZJ, while Stars is still reviewing ZJ and only because Party took action.

12:43 PM  
Blogger eric said...

Last I checked, Party only "caught" them because other players specifically reported them.

People have talked about being able to multi-account Party MTTs. Can people do it as easily on Stars? No one's mentioned it yet.

In order to catch cheaters there has to be, you know, actual cheating going on. Not that I think there's no cheating goin on at Stars, but so far the evidence points to fairly widespread cheating at Party to a degree well beyond other sites.

12:50 PM  
Blogger PokerNinja said...

About Yahoo! and POP3, give this a try; it works like a charm:

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One only needs to look at the El captain/Exclusive sharing of multi accounts this past summer to see that Poker Stars is actually the place to cheat with multi accounts in MTT's. Poker Stars had their chance to put their foot down, and they let them get away with it.

It's no coincidence the Poker Stars Sunday Tourney has nearly doubled it's entrants in the past 2 months, because Poker Stars is a much easier place to multi account on.

8:09 PM  
Blogger eric said...


Didn't know that. Interesting that a site that seems so much more dedicated to customer service and doing things right the first time (instead of still wrong the twentieth time like Party) would allow people to multi-account so easily.

What makes it so easy? I've still seen little online discussion about multi-accounting Stars, but then that's a subject I haven't really studied or even really though about all that much.

11:06 PM  
Blogger Beset7 said...


Stars security is much better then you give them credit for and you are mis-stating what the el capitan/exclusive issues was.

Party is a much much easier site to multi-account on. People might get away with two accounts on stars for a while, but people are running 6-10 on party for extended periods of time.

I'm with Eric on this one.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous strangenuts said...

Once again, I am not an online poker player, but wouldn't it be fairly easy to multi table and not get caught by subscribing to multiple internet providers and getting unique IPs? Cable Modem + DSL will get you two very different IP addresses.

10:45 PM  
Blogger eric said...

That sounds entirely possible. It also seems to be what people suggest these single-IP multi-accounters do to lessen their chances of getting caught.

I have little doubt that cheating is quite prevalent in online MTTs simply because sites don't check them as carefully as they do cash games.

I did play in the Party $750K guaranteed on Sunday, but I'm thinking that'll be my last online MTT for quite a while. I don't like 'em much anyways, and fighting through hordes of multi-accounters (some of whom are quite excellent players) is not what I want to do.

I guess instead of $100 and $200 online tournies, I'll have to be satisfied with (gulp) $500 and $1000 live tournies at the Wynn and Bellagio, should I feel the need to play.

3:51 AM  
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