Sunday, January 29, 2006

So as some may remember, I made it a goal this year to try to qualify for a few tournaments, starting with the PPM V (Party Poker Million V cruise) in March. Well, since I posted that on December 13, this is what I've done towards that goal:

December 14: absolutely nothing
December 15: absolutely nothing
December 16: absolutely nothing
January 26: absolutely nothing
January 27: absolutely nothing
January 28: SOMETHING!!!

So yeah, between doing well at cash games and my general malaise towards tournaments, I kept putting off working towards the PPM V until "tomorrow."

Until yesterday. I realized I only had until Jan 30 to win a seat! So I got right on it, playing in their 250+20 semi-finals, where one out of every 54 entries gets a cruise package. No, I didn't make it.

So, I only have three shots left. There's one more 250+20 semi-final today, and then tonight there's a 675+40 "PPM V Gateway" where one out of 20 make it, and then finally tomorrow there's a 150+12 super-satellite--to which I've already won an entry--where one out of every 90 make it.

So chances are looking pretty slim for me. But I have hope. And if I don't make There's always Aruba!

Goal: PPM V, value $13,500. Total Spent: $347. Status: $985 more in tournaments over the next two days to try and make it!


Anonymous Evan said...

I gave it a very valiant effort a few years ago (two?), but failed. So I gave up, and haven't really tried to win any tourney seats except when sites offer me a WSOP freeroll. And then I get it to headsup and get donkeyed. Fun times.

1:35 PM  
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