Saturday, November 19, 2005

So after the up-and-down first week of November I was a little annoyed. Then there was the second week which ended up being my best week ever and so things were looking better again. This week started off nicely as well, but then something strange happened.

I got home from playing Thursday night (okay, technically Friday morning, especially since the sun was already up), having had another great day (er, night; #8 in a row) and all I could think about was how when I got up on Friday, I would sit right back down at the computer and play another few hours online before playing live. Usually that fact doesn't bother me--in fact I kind of enjoy the prospect of jumping right back into the action. But it was different this time. I really did not feel like playing; I wasn't looking forward to it at all. I went to bed that night (ahem, day) with much the same apprehension I used to have as a school kid going to bed on a Sunday night facing another full week of school.

Yeah, that bad.

I know, I know, my life is so rough, having to wake up whenever I want and play a card game for a living. But still, that's how I felt, and I got up and played like I should on Friday and not surprisingly I had my first bad session in about a week and a half. I was making poor call-downs, bad folds, and missing raises and value-bets left and right.

Since I have family coming into town for Thanksgiving, I figured I'd play my normal week until Sunday and then take a week off, but now I think I'm going to have to just go on vacation early. I've just been drowning in poker recently. Some people can play 50 hours a week; I cannot. I've been averaging 30/week for a while now and that's been too much.

So maybe I'll play again this weekend, but I'm not counting on it. At the very least, come Monday I'll be off until at least Saturday. So it might be a week or more before I post again.

I thought I'd leave with a hand, but none were all that interesting this past week despite my super-hot run. So I'll post one just because it represented a first for me:

Three-handed live 80/160. I'm on the button with 44. I raise. The SB three-bets, BB folds, I call. The SB is a very solid player whose three-betting standards are probably relatively loose here considering it's three-handed, but figure any pocket-pair bigger than mine, any decently-sized ace, and probably any two suited broadway cards.

Flop (2 players, 7 SB): A Q 5, rainbow. SB bets. I call.

Turn (2 players, 9 SB): (A Q 5) 4, two diamonds now. SB bets. I raise. SB three-bets. I four-bet intending to fold to a five-bet.

I mean, really, how often does one four-bet fully intending to fold to a five-bet?

Anyways, I'll still be around to talk about my donkerific hand, but otherwise everyone have a happy Thanksgiving!


Blogger Beset7 said...

Is that flop-call standard for you? Thanks

2:26 PM  
Blogger d said...

Okay, I'll bite.

You call the flop bet with the intention of raising the turn no matter what card comes; You hit your miracle 2 outer; raise/4 bet, and then you are willing give up 14.5:2 odds that your opponent's capping range is only AA,QQ,55??? That is astonishing. Is this the typical range for a turn cap in a 3-handed game for a solid player? You did not mention any other read or history on this opponent.

Have a nice vacation!

3:23 PM  
Blogger EstonB said...

You 80-160 are pretty fucking good at hitting two-outers.

4:31 PM  
Blogger EstonB said...

On a serious note though, do you ever cap this preflop? I just had a hand like this online with 66 on button, and I 4-bet him when he reraised me. I just think it puts maximum pressure on them for just one more SB, and it defines the hand very well, since you've laid out the illusion of strength. Thoughts?

7:27 PM  
Blogger eric said...

The flop call is very questionable. I am not calling under the illusion that I'm ahead by any means, and so if I'm not ahead I'm actually a big dog (although I guess JTs or KJs are possilble holdings for SB).

I'm calling because SB will bet any flop 100% of the time, and remember SB's range is not only any decent-to-big A, but also any pocket pair. That's not a good board for someone holding, say, 88 or 99 (or TT or JJ, etc, etc).

So in essence, I'm calling because I felt at the time that my slight possibility of spiking a 4 + my ability to push her off a better hand (ie any non-A hand) would be profitable. Now, thinking about it more in depth later I'm thinking that overall the play is essentially break-even, but higher variance and so I should probably ditch it, but at the time that was my thinking.

So yeah, Dave got it, I was going to bet/raise any turn card, dependent on how SB bet.

How it played out was I didn't even look at the turn card after it was dealt, just at how SB bet and based on that I was certain she held at least an A. So I was ready to fold until I looked down and was almost knocked off my seat by my two-outer coming in. You know you're making better decisions when spiking two outers starts surprising you again.

About the four-bet-fold-to-five-bet, I think a five-bet there narrows SB's range down considerably. In fact, so much that I'm drawing to one out. She bet, I raised, she three-bet. That's standard two-pair procedure there on both our counts. My hand is often A5 or A4 there.

But I four-bet. That's standard "I can beat two pair" procedure. So AQ (the best two pair) or 55 is more likely. If she can still come over the top for five bets, I can really narrow her down to one of two hands--AA/QQ. That's it.

That's the beauty of playing live, I think. Online, I'd probably be capping the river as well (at least going multiple bets), but live one can get better reads on opponents and have a clearer idea of how they play their hands.

When I say she's solid, I mean she's solid; she's not going to spew chips. I've seen her play 200/400, and I imagine she's a decent-to-big winner.

Eston, I do sometimes cap it preflop. Against people with fairly loose reraising standards, or fairly poor postflop skills (fit-or-fold especially), or people who I can in general read like a book. I do not cap it against people whose reraising standards blow my 44 out of the water and who are very good to excellent postflop players.

To be honest, if I were out of position I'd consider folding preflop to the three-bet if it weren't disasterous for those metagame considerations. Maybe I should do that once anyways and then see how much fun playing is after that.

9:54 PM  
Blogger eric said...

PS - when I say "cap it" in reply to Eston's question, of course I meant "four-bet" since five bets is a cap in Vegas.

And for those curious for results, she called my turn four bet and check-called the river. She didn't show her hand, but said it was two pair so I'm about 95% sure it was AQ with the other 5% A5 (or even, yikes, A4).

4:51 AM  
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