Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A few odds and ends:

** While playing NL at the Wynn a few nights ago I sat next to a guy who said he was in charge of the new Caesar's Palace poker room opening in December, sometime around the 20th. Since I hadn't heard anything about what types of games they'll be spreading, I asked him for specifics.

Apparently the room is going to be actually two rooms, one a 31-table cash game room and the other a 33-table tournament room (please excuse my numbers if they're off by +-1; I'm going by memory).

The tournament room is going to spread three tournaments a day, every day, at noon, 7pm and midnight. The noon and midnight tournaments will be $85 plus $50 rebuys and the 7pm tournies will be $220 with $100 rebuys (once again, the numbers are from my sometimes imperfect memory).

The cash games they're looking to spread are 2/5 ($100-500 buy-in), 5/10 ($500 min) and 10/25 ($1500 min) NL, and for limit 3/6, 6/12, 10/20 and 20/40 "and up." Sounds to me like they're competing directly with the Mirage for limit players.

Comps will be just like the MGM or Wynn--$1/hour.

I'm sure at first the room will be packed, but I'm curious to see how it will fare once the initial excitement wears off. It'll be interesting to see just how many of these large poker rooms Las Vegas can support.

I'm especially curious to see if they can really get regular 10/25NL games or 20/40 or higher limit games going. Seeing the MGM and Wynn do so poorly in that regard, I'm doubtful.

** Speaking of the Mirage, I swung by there Saturday night after leaving the Bellagio. Talk about a night-and-day difference. Admittedly it was 3am, but the Bellagio's casino floor was still pretty packed while the Mirage's was practically a ghost-town.

I went right to the poker room where I was cashing in my Mirage chips. The poker room was still doing okay, but once again the 40/80 game broke pretty early, right before I'd gotten there according to the floor.

It was sad. Much like going to an ex's house to pick up things, I was entering this familiar place that was now foreign territory. I got what I came for, felt sorry for the state of things, and left, perhaps with a bit of a tear in my eye. Okay I didn't date the place--I only played poker there--but I did play there every other night for over two months. I think I can feel a little bad for "breaking up" with it.

** And, finally, I have a confession to make. I am a limit Omaha/8 fish. There I said it. I had another disasterous run at the game and can no longer hide behind variance, bad luck, whatever. I'm a full-fledged fish, flopping around on dry ground for anyone and everyone to make a meal of.

Oh there are reasons, ones that are correctible. For example, I always do well for about an hour then start doing badly. What happens is that I can start out playing well but eventually I get tired of playing the patient Omaha game (sit around and wait for the nuts) and start trying to play it like hold 'em. You know, raise with slightly less than uber-premium hands, call with something that can make a strong-but-not-the-nuts type hand. And it's all downhill from there. Omaha isn't hold 'em (and limit isn't pot-limit), and I should stop pretending there's much skill beyond waiting for premium draws and pushing them.

So from here on out, if I sit at an Omaha table I'm on a strict one hour time-limit. That's it, no more. I can still play it in mix games for obvious reasons, but no more four or five hour sessions for me. I just can't play a game that seems to have so little imagination involved. Or maybe I'm just not 'getting it' at the level other people do.

Either way, I'm done with donating my holdem winnings at the O8 table.


Blogger d said...

Hi Eric,

What limits and structure (PL?) have you playing Omaha 8? Have you been playing strictly in one cardroom? Have you played it at Orleans?

Keep at the new games. You are a fast learner when you want to be.


12:41 PM  
Blogger eric said...

I've played only limit in Vegas. 5/10 with a full kill at the Mirage. Played for an hour, did well. I've played 10/20 as part of the Wynn mix game. Done well. I've played the 20/40 with a half kill a few times at the Bellagio. I've done well my first hour each time, and donated the rest of the time. And, finally, one night I did the 40/80 with a quarter kill at the Bellagio, where I did well for an hour and then donated.

The most recent time was the 20/40.

Unfortunately, there's really not any small PL games for me to try. The Wynn sometimes has a list of interest going so I assume they get an occasional game but I've never seen it. The Bellagio has PL Omaha but at limits I can't even fathom.

I've played some PL online and with friends but never in a casino.

6:18 PM  
Blogger EstonB said...

The 20-40 Half Kill game at Bellagio is usually pretty awesome...for some reason Eric, there was a $2-5 PLO game at Bally's today. And yeah, Mirage and Wynn were really, really bad this time around, compared to the Bellagio, which was a big contrast to March and July, the last two times I was out here.

6:07 AM  
Blogger eric said...

The 20/40 O8 at the Bellagio is awesome. I, however, am not.

7:18 AM  
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