Thursday, September 29, 2005

Let me get this out of the way first (necessary in order for me to actually play in it):

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Now onto the post:

I may seriously consider transitioning over to no-limit play. Assuming I can again play limit like I used to a month or two again, my current expectation in limit is probably far greater than that in NL, but I'm finding my time at NL to be more enjoyable.

I sit at a limit table and my mood can be summed up as, "siiiigh, back to the same ol' same ol'."

I sit down at NL, even though it's itty bitty 2/5, and I'm excited, interested and engaged. In part this is because I can't really play NL any more than I can sing like Pavarotti, so it's kind of new and exciting just on that level. But also NL better rewards people who can get good reads on other players, and allows the bad players to make bigger mistakes. And I feel like I have a leg up on the competition in that I probably have a better understanding for the game in general than most of my opponents, so despite my lack of experience in specifically NL I think I can hold my own, at least at the baby limits.

But really, these guys just make massive mistakes that one simply can't make at limit. Examples:

2/5 NL. UTG raises to $30. Three people call. BB now raises to $180. Three of the four original callers all call. And it's not like it was AA against QQ against JJ or whatever, the BB goes all-in on the flop, and getting better than 3:1, the other three players all fold.

Another hand: UTG raises to $40. Five people call. It's not like people's stack sizes were all over $1000 here. One guy had $150, a bunch of others were between $300 and $500, and one or two were over that.

And hands like that are common. Seven-way pots for $20-30 seem to happen every two or three hands at the better games.

People overbet like crazy. I so often see people bet $50 into a $20 pot, or $250 into a $100 pot, whatever. And people will not fold two-pair under any circumstances. If someone gets two pair and you have something better, you will break him, period.

I don't know what a good win-rate would be, and I don't have enough experience to even guess, but I can really see someone living quite happily off these live 2/5 NL games.

Is 5/10 NL like that? 10/20? Inquiring minds want to know.

Now I'm here about to go back to the limit grind, about to fire up my normal six limit tables on party, and seriously considering just playing four NL tables, instead. Hmmm....


Blogger Nuck said...

Hey 3B. Your blog has floated to the top of those I read but you actually talk about POKER. What a concept. I switched to no-limit at the beggining of this year and won't go back to 20/40 etc. ever again. To weigh in on another of your questions, I think 2/5NL is about the same size game as a 20/40 limit game. 20/40 is maybe a little bigger, but not much. I'm at if you'd like to visit.

11:55 PM  
Blogger eric said...

I agree with your assertion that 2/5 NL is about as big as 20/40. Maybe 15/30. The good thing about 2/5NL is that it has players playing it comparatively worse than those you'll find at a limit 4/8 game.

Your comment made me think of the problem I've always had with comparing the size of games between NL and limit is that there's no strict definition of "big."

Is the size of the game how big of a bankroll one needs to play it? The buy-in? One's expected win rate?

2/5NL has $500 buy-in with a $10,000 bankroll requirement and one can perhaps expect to make $40/hour (perhaps more in the live fishy games; I'm just going by what's a good winrate for online players). So the buy-in compares to 10/20, the bankroll to 15/30, and the win-rate to 20/40. (Hmm...sounds like a dream game, huh?)

Heck, average pot-size--if one wants to go by that--is probably more similar to 10/20.

But, all I can say is that it "feels" about as big as 15/30 or 20/40.

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Evan said...

I've long thought that the live NL games were softer than live limit.

Two problems:
1. I find them boring.
2. Harder to autopilot, unless you just want to wait for sets on the flop and AA preflop.

3:07 PM  
Blogger eric said...

Your two points seem at odds with one another, evan. Can you really complain that it's both too boring and too hard to auto-pilot? Isn't auto-pilot boring?

I do agree that a good limit game at a decent-sized limit is hard to top as far as continuous action goes. Thursday night, I got to play five-handed 60/120, where it was me, two total LAGgy fish (one of whom was one of the most amazing LAGs I've played against), one loose passive fish, and one decent player who took a few bad beats and seemed to start tilting. I was hitting a few hands and ended up playing until 8am, it was just the most fun I'd had at a poker table in as long as I can remember.

So I think I may stick to a schedule of M-W NL, and Th-Su limit.

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Evan said...

I hope that never makes sense to you, Eric.

9:27 PM  
Blogger eric said... first I thought you were insulting me (reading it as "I hope that doesn't make sense to you") but then I realized what you meant.

Alls I can say is that poker >> law school.

11:18 PM  
Blogger BadBlood said...

Wanted to say I really enjoy reading about the big games you're playing, especially at the Bellagio. Keep up the great work.

6:27 AM  
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