Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Top Ten Reasons I Love Living in Las Vegas (non-poker related):

10. No rain.

9. No cops. Seriously, I can count on one hand the number of cops I've seen the entire time I've been here. It's great.

8. When I do see a cop, he's usually breaking more traffic laws at once than even I can manage, and so he hardly cares what I'm up to. I mean, when he's going by at 120, my 90 appears the speed limit to him.

7. In a similar vein, traffic "laws" are merely suggestions. Ultimately, do whatever is most convenient for you. At a red light, but no one's coming from either direction? Go ahead and run it. Everyone else does it.

6. I sleep until I don't feel like sleeping any more. Oh man, that's so great I just have to repeat it: I sleep until I don't feel like sleeping any more. Aaaahhh.....

5. Forget an alarm clock, I don't even have a clock in my bedroom. Every morning is a little game with myself, as I try to guesstimate what time it is by the time I get clothes on, lurch into the kitchen and turn on my cell phone to find out what time it actually is. It's my own little daily surprise.

4. There's a poker room on practically every corner. Even junky little casinos like Silverton and Tuscany each have one! Oh, that's poker related? Heh...moving on...

3. 24-hour booze. I don't drink, but it's nice to know my opponents can still drink at 4am. Poker-related again? Crap.

2. 24-hour everything. It's 4am, I'm hungry, no problem. I want to work out? No problem. I need to go food shopping? No problem. I want to go to a club that's full of hotties? No problem. Seriously, this place has 24-hour hotties. And I'm not even talking about strippers or hookers. What a town.

1. I no longer need to go visit anyone. This is Vegas! The whole world--quite literally--comes to visit me. The other day, I was in line to go to the top of the Stratosphere and no more than about half the line was even speaking English. And don't even get me started on what moving here has done to my popularity amongst friends and family. Although, I guess one might consider that a mixed blessing.

Bottom line: Vegas = great. And I can even say that right after spending a week getting reamed at the tables.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We moved here Jan-05 & feel the same!

5:23 AM  
Anonymous Evan said...

10. No rain.

Ok, Blind Melon.

12:06 AM  
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