Wednesday, August 10, 2005

So today (er, yesterday, I guess...whatever, last night let's call it) was a good day. Er, night.

Let's try that again. Last night was a good night.

I slept in, waking up at nearly 5pm. I read some emails, did some web browsing, took a nice, long relaxing shower then finally headed out around 8:30.

I headed over to the Wynn to meet my friend who's in town with a couple buddies of his own. And for the first time in my life, I tried the Wynn buffet.

Wow. $30 is a lot to spend for a meal, but if I've ever felt like I got my $30 worth, it was last night. Everything was delicious, and I was stuffed--so stuffed I'm still full and it's 9 hours later. Note to dessert lovers: have the lemon tart. Lordy.

After the buffet, we headed downtown to check out the Freemont street experience. Did I mention it was my buddy's first time in Vegas? So we had to see everything we could.

Eventually, we decided to search for some $2 blackjack. Ten or twelve blackjack tables were lined up at the 4 Queens and we ask the pit boss, where's the $2 table? He looks at us, and somehow, with just barely a noticeable change in expression, manages to convey the message that we just asked a really stupidly obvious question. Why, out of the twelve or so quiet, half-to-three-quarters empty tables, it's the one that's full of loud, drunken hicks, with another line of people hooting along behind.

No $2 blackjack for us.

We checked out the "Freemont Street Experience," that is, the actual light/screen show, and as my buddy remarked, "Jingoism at its finest."

Well, what are we in the mood for now? Omaha.

Off to the Mirage.

Their 5/10 Omaha with a full kill is a good game, but there was only one seat. They did have a four-handed 40/80 hold 'em game going, though...

How could I resist?

I made it five-handed, but pretty quickly we were down to three-handed. We all agreed to play for at least 45 minutes more, but soon enough another player sat down, and then another, and finally we were six-handed. A couple of the players were decent, but thankfully a couple were amazingly horrific, and so that along with the pretty good run of cards I had let me finish up a dime.

And. And! I got a hassle-free food comp.

5am, time to head back home.

It was the perfect night. Everything I envisioned how my life would be when I came out to Vegas, well that's what happened. Friends visiting, eating a glorious and gluttonous meal in a posh setting, getting out and about a little bit, and finally spending the rest of the night playing cards and winning some money.

For one night at least, life couldn't get any better.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the free slots at the Golden Nugget??

4:56 PM  
Blogger eric said...

Haha...that was one brief disappointing moment in an otherwise great day. We were there at around 11:30pm and found out that the players club closed at 11, so no free slot play for us.

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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