Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Just a brief post to reiterate why I don't like the Wynn very much at all.

I usually don't play there, but a friend's in town and he really wanted to check out the Wynn, so last night we headed up there. It was a Monday night and Mondays are usually either my off day or my low-limit-screw-around-with-a-different-game night, so rather than play their 40/80 game (oh wait, what 40 game??? My bad, they only have 15/30 now), I decided to try some low-limit NL. 2/5 NL, here I come.

So I'm playing and at least a dozen times after a big bet and a seemingly tough fold, I see the winner flash his cards to either the person right next to them or the person who folded if they're close enough. Not once are the cards shown to the rest of the table, in part because no one asked.

So I finally pick up a good hand, KK, reraise someone preflop and bet big on the raggedy flop. My opponent laid her hand down, saying she had AK. She was two to my right, so I flash her my KK and muck.

Before I knew what was happening, my KK was face up for all to see.

Me: "Woah, did anyone ask to see the hand?"

Dealer: "No, but it's the rules--show one show all."

Me: "But no one actually asked, did they?"

D: "No."

Me: "And you still just go and show it?"

D: "Yes, that's what I do"

I mention how people have been flashing their cards to others all night and not one has been shown, yadda, yadda and eventually,

D: "All dealers are supposed to show any cards that have been shown to another player. Other's may not do it, but they should. It's the rule, and it's what I'll do every time."

Fine, fair enough.

Not five hands later:

Same dealer, same kind of hand--person A makes a big bet, and person B takes a while and folds. They were sitting next to each other and Person A proceeds to show Person B her cards, with Mr. Dealer person staring right at her, and mucks, saying "Oh, you won't show my cards will you?"

D, with a smile: "Of course not" as he pushes them into the muck and goes onto the next hand.

Needless to say, I was bit stunned. Usually I'll say something, but the fun-loving, juicy table had gotten a bit annoyed at our previous conversation about showing the hand and so rather than bring it all back up and break the mood, I let it slide.

Of course 15 minutes later, I've switched to my buddy's 8/16 table and the same exact dealer lets another player--clearly in the dealer's line of sight--show his cards to his neighbor and muck without flashing them.

At this point I figured he might have just been curious to see what I had that one hand and taken it upon himself. But whatever the reason, I found the entire episode quite annoying.

And to add insult to, er, insult, when I then go to request a comp, I find out that I have 25 hours of play logged, which sounds about right, but I've taken $44 worth of comps! No, in fact I haven't. I got one comp and because of their asinine rules, I was only able to use $12 of it (after waiting around for 30 mins after eating while they finally figured out how their comp system works).

Let's see, at the Bellagio I play for three or four hours at night, ask for a comp, and most of the time, voila, I get one! Occasionally the floor manager is cranky, but whatever. At the Wynn, I now have to play another 40 hours or so before I'll be able to get a comp. Hmm...where might I be playing in the future?

Yes, in reality I'll play wherever the best games are, but considering the Wynn can't keep anything above 15/30 going, that's not really an issue. No games + stupid comp system + at least one royally stupid dealer = Wynn sucks.


Blogger d said...

Not that it should make any difference, but had the other players involved been tipping more than you? Did you have any history with this dealer prior to this occasion?

11:02 AM  
Blogger GamblinSteve said...

As bad as some dealers are, the average random player can be much worse. I've always said that I'd rather deal craps for half as much money than be a poker dealer.

Too many new poker rooms have popped up in the last year. Not enough qualified dealers to fill the spots.

3:06 PM  
Blogger mikek628 said...

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3:27 PM  
Blogger mikek628 said...

On my first visit to the Wynn poker room I found the room to be well decorated, but very cramped. They have too many tables in too small of an area. You would think if you are going to spend $2.7B, you could make a bigger room. In fact, I think the Ferrai store is Bigger than the poker room! I also found only a 15/30 game that was short handed. No larger games.

The dealers appeared competent to me, although competent and a good dealer are two entirely different things. Nearly every dealer that sat down in the box used English as a second language. In fact, I had a very hard time understanding anything one dealer was trying to say. Luckily, I am familiar with the mechanics of the game and was able to figure out what she was trying to say.

Truthfully, I like Bellagio better overall. Especially the fact it isn't located next to a very busy cooridor which at the Wynn induces alot of noise and numerous rail birds.

I do have to say though, the chairs at the Wynn are much nicer than those at the Bellagio. When you sit at a table for hours on end, a comfortable chair is a necessity.

3:35 PM  
Blogger eric said...

Zaikon, I'm not sure how much they were tipping, but I was tipping my standard $1 on every pot, which is less than some, more than some, but plenty good enough.

The dealer himself was very competent in all areas. Quick, efficient, knowledgable. He just had that one quirk.

Mike, I agree with you 100%. The Bellagio is tons better than the Wynn. Although, seeing how the Wynn is losing their bigger-game appeal (not much 10/20NL or 40/80 and up any more), the Bellagio seems to be regaining some of their snooty attitude. But maybe that's just my imagination.

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Evan said...

For those of us who haven't been to the new Bellagio, how does it compare?

Also Eric, I'm hoping that you write a bit about how life at the Bellagio changes now that you're a pro who is there all the time. Are you getting to know other players? Are they asking you for money or a stake? Will you start hanging out with folks you meet there? Are you tapping the hottest new waitress at the Bellagio?

8:58 PM  
Blogger eric said...

Evan, the new Bellagio is great. The best looking poker room I've ever been in. It's probably a toss-up between the Wynn and Bellagio as far as aesthetics go, but I prefer the Bellagio's darker color scheme to the brightness of the Wynn. When are you coming out here to see for yourself? You know you have a place to stay.

As for being a Bellagio regular, not much has changed. I'm getting to know the other regulars a little better, although many are a bit older than me so there's still not a whole lot in common. I'm getting to know the staff a bit more, but as of yet I'm not receiving any preferential treatment.

I'm not close enough to anyone for them to ask for stakes or to hang out or anything. I'm not sure I'd stake anyone anyways...I mean if they're a good player, they almost definitely shouldn't be in a position where they need to be staked. Obviously there are extreme circumstances, but I'd have to know someone pretty darn well to do that.

As for waitresses, I'm only banging the second hottest one. Still working my way up to #1.

Honestly, I've had no luck as of yet. Although I have to admit a few seem to be a lot nicer to me when I'm at a 30/60 table then when I'm at a 4/8 table. I'm not sure if that's necessarily a good thing, however...

5:58 AM  
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