Monday, August 01, 2005

July has come and gone, and what a month it was.

It was especially hectic for me as I had to take care of moving from Austin, TX to Vegas in two parts. I was worried that maybe I wouldn't be able to play many hours of poker this month.


I crammed a decent number of online hours into the first week of the month when I had my desktop still set up, and then continued to play consistently live in both Vegas and Phoenix to end up having my most profitable month to date--along with my busiest hours-wise.

Here's a list:


Here's another list:


The first list is the number of hours per month I've played online, starting with January. The second list is the number of live hours I played per month, also starting with January. Hmm...can you pinpoint the month I moved to Vegas?

Those numbers resulted with this list:


Which, of course, are my total hours played per month for the year. And the funny thing is, despite playing nearly three times as many hours live as well as running extremely well in those live games, I still won more money this month from online play than from live play (although the two numbers are very close). This 3X phenomenon has been pretty consistent throughout my (admittedly brief) poker career--for a given skill level, at least at the relatively low limits, online poker seems to be three times as profitable for me, per hour.

And it requires a smaller bankroll. With fewer transportation costs. And there's more game selection. And rakeback. Argh.

I will admit to having limped to the finish line this month. After starting the month with my best week ever, I had solid, unremarkable results the rest of the way until the last few days when I took a hit online and suffered a break-even stretch live. This all led me to notice something...

Where have the games gone? The Party 15/30 and 20/40 games, in the few hours I've played this last week, have been rock gardens. The Bellagio has been nearly half empty even on Friday and Saturday nights. The Wynn couldn't even get a 40/80 game going Friday night!

It must be post-WSOP depression or something. I can imagine a lot of players dumping a lot of money on large buy-in tourneys and into side games, playing almost non-stop for weeks and now being simply unable to play more, partly for financial reasons and partly just from being burnt out. Whatever the reason, I hope the games pick up again soon, because I need to make a living, dammit!


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