Monday, August 08, 2005

I've now been in Vegas a month and I have a confession to make. No, not about that night I had with five underage hookers, a bag of coke and a goat, but rather this:

I've become a lazy slob!

It's true, so true. I still "work" plenty, that's no problem. The problem is everything else. I've unpacked and set up my computer (of course) and I have my bed set up and kitchenware out...but that's it. Everything else is still sitting in boxes in the middle of my living room. My clothes are in a heap on the floor. Okay, two heaps--one clean and one dirty heap; the clothes pass from one, onto me, onto the other.

I didn't go to the gym at all for nearly three weeks. I've gotten a little exercise the past couple days and I plan on spending 20 mins or so on the treadmill right after I type this, but that's still nothing like the active stud I was just a little over a month ago.

I sleep until 3 or 4pm (although, admittedly, I don't go to sleep until 7am).

I eat, sleep, play poker and web surf. It hit me today: I'm 26, and I'm retired! Now all I need to do is find somewhere to play shuffleboard.

Poker has still be going great. Yesterday, I got sat at a dream table like none I've sat at in a long time. Bellagio 30/60. Six-handed. Loose passive beyond belief, thanks to three total doofuses who couldn't outplay a reasonable 4/8 player.

Example 1: UTG raises and Doofus1 calls UTG+1 with 23o. Flop: KT4r. UTG bets. Doofus1 calls. No pair, no draw, two undercards and he calls. Turn: 2. UTG bets. Doofus1 calls. River: 4. UTG checks. Doofus1 bets. UTG calls with his AQ, and the whole table baffles at Doofus1 as he shows his turned pair.

Example 2: Seven-handed now, a couple limpers, and I raise two off the button with AJo. Five see a JT9 two-tone flop. Checks to me, I bet, button raises, Doofus2 (the BB) cold calls, I call. The three of us see the turn: (JT9)J. Doofus2 checks, I bet, button hesitates and calls, Doofus2 calls. River: (JT9J)T. Doofus2 checks, I bet, button folds, Doofus2 now check-raises. Hmm...unless he's got quads I'm good, and he's such a doofus that he probably only has a T. I reraise. He thinks a bit, thinks a bit more and says almost as if he's doing me a favor, "I only call." I show my AJ for J's full, and he shakes his head and shows T9. I mean, c'mon, that's how a completely inexperienced 4/8 player plays!

Example 3: Doofus3 raises and the entire table besides me see the flop of QJ8 with two spades. Some random flop action, turn: (QJ8)9 not a spade. Super-tighty bets out from the SB into about fifty players. Doofus3 calls. River: (QJ98)2 not a spade. Super-tighty bets out again. Doofus3 calls, and shows his As6s, for the nut flush draw, but still only A-high. You know, I call down with A-high, probably even more often than I should, but wow.

Of course besides that AJ hand, I couldn't win anything. But what a pot it was, so I still finished up a little bit. Barely an hour after sitting down, all three doofuses left in pretty rapid succession to be replaced with fairly tight, fairly aggressive players with some semblance of brain activity, and so I was soon gone, as well.

So although poker's been going well, there really aren't many live hands of interest. In fact, none that I can really think of where I was in a tough spot or saw something particularly new.

I played some SnGs on Stars tonight and there were some interesting statistical oddities. At two different tables one right after the other I had two hands where I was the button and it folded around to me.

Hand 1: I have AK, SB has AA, BB has QQ. Yes, we all got all-in.

Hand 2 (remember this is like 20 seconds later at another table): I have QQ, SB has AK, BB has AA. Once again, we were all all-in.

Two different hands in rapid succession where the button/sb/bb all had AA, AK and QQ. Very interesting. And yes, I busted each time. Hand #1 QQ won with a JT98x board. Hand #2 the flop came 862 with no flush draws, and AK amazingly won when the turn and river came K, K.

All I know is that Stars must have started using Party's random number generator. Heh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your stuff is STILL in boxes and piles? For shame.

7:15 AM  
Blogger GamblinSteve said...

Being a slob, occupational hazard, I guess.

So Eric, is playing poker:

A) A hard way to make an easy living, or

B) An easy way to make a hard living.

3:03 PM  
Blogger eric said...

As well as I've been running, (and not to sound like I'm bragging or anything) it's been an easy way to make an easy living.

I'm sure as time goes by, I'll gravitate more towards A.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Evan said...

With the advent of online poker, if you play well, don't get complacent, don't burn out, and approach the game seriously every day, then it is an easy way to make an easy living.

9:01 PM  
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