Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm in an excellent 30/60 game at the Bellagio when this hand comes up:

Regular I've played with a lot limps UTG. One other limper, I come along in MP with a red 33. Button limps, SB completes, BB raises, we all call.

Six see the KcTc3s flop. Set! Woohoo!

Check, check, UTG bets out and I raise. Everyone else gets out, so we're heads up. She won't bet with crap, but she would with good draws. We end up going six bets on the flop, when I finally just call. I know 100% that she'd raise KK, TT or AK preflop, so she has one of two hands: KT or QcJc (maaaaaybe QJ non-clubs, but very doubtful she'd play a bare straight draw that hard).

Turn: (KcTc3s)5s. She bets and I raise. Finally slowing down, she just reluctantly calls.

River: (KcTc3s5s)As. She checks. Uh-oh. She either still has KT and I'm good or her straight just got there. She checks, but she'll do that simply to check-raise if she had made her straight. So I'm caught in a moment of indecision, how sure am I that she didn't just make her straight (or even a backdoor flush, with say KsTs)?

In my moment of indecision I have kind of a "false start" with chips in my hand. It was very slight, but my opponent took it to mean I checked and so she says, "Oh you check?" and proceeds to flip over her cards. At the exact same time I'm saying "no, that was not a check" and the dealer was also saying, "no, that was not a check," but it's too late, the damage is done and her red KT is on the table for me to see.

Who still bets here?

Obviously it was her mistake since even the dealer agreed with me that my action wasn't a check. But also I'm sure she wasn't angleshooting or anything, and I do understand how she could interpret my actions as a check (although I think a bit of wishful thinking was clouding her judgment). Also, she's a non-pro regular and so it's in my best interest to be on good terms with her. And, finally, although I probably would have ended up betting anyways, at that moment I was undecided and so seeing her cards pretty much made up my mind whether or not I should bet. So, in short, it was almost an angle-shoot on my part--I'm unsure and so act in a way that reveals to me the strength of my opponent's hand. Obviously it wasn't intentional on my part, but that was the end result, anyways.

So I told her not to worry about it, didn't bet, showed my cards and took the pot. I think I made the right decision.


Blogger d said...

Your read on UTG seems very solid. With 9 ways of having KT vs only 1 way of having QsJs (plus some fractional percentage of other 15 QJ combinations), this seems like a betting/call situation.

BTW, forget about what she actually had, given the same situation, would you stop pushing on the flop?

12:51 AM  
Blogger eric said...

UTG and I have played many, many hands together, so I was really sure of my read.

Your analysis of KT vs QJ is exactly why I would have ended up betting anyways. I just had a temporary hesitation due to one of the scare cards hitting (A,K,T,9) and didn't get a chance yet to remind myself that KT is a whole lot more likely than QJ.

I actually did stop pushing on the flop. We were raising and I finally decided to just call and when I looked out there we each had six bets out there. Obviously I had to be the last raiser to have six bets, so I'm not sure how that happened, but I was happy with the results (six bets in, no more action) that I didn't say anything--as was she.

I do stop pushing because I know I can raise the turn. Also because I'm not that big a favorite over, say, QcJc, so I let a safe turn come and then start pushing it. Also, it's a bigger bet for more money. I would have gone very, very far on the turn there.

8:02 AM  
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